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Affordable Website Design

Saintiny Solutions offer affordable web design services for small to medium business using a powerful hosting organization however if you are currently using another hosting organization we have the ability to convert. We provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and customer education on your website that will allow you to update if necessary. We also provide user guide and help desk services, upon request. Contact Saintiny Solutions where Creativity is Built-In

Voice Over Services

When you want to tell a “story” about your organization/product/services, let Saintiny Solutions tell it with our voices. Voices make an impact on your organizational products. Hiring dynamic voices to introduce your product, service or idea, is vital. Saintiny Solutions can provide those voices. Creativity Built-In

User Guide with Every Website

We provide step-by-step user guide with each website wither you want us to maintain the site or you want to maintain the site. We make it simple with screen shots and areas to write notes. We are with you every step of the way. Just complete the questionnaire.

All types of Voices

We have voices from voice mail to documentaries. We have tweens, adults, male, female and different languages. We can come to you or send you the file via email. Just complete the questionnaire

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What is Saintiny Solutions?
Retired Military Veteran Small Business

Customize to your specifications on website design and voice over service

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Saintiny Solutions Team

We have a team of educated professionals that are excited about your business success.
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Ms. Frenchy Saintiny

CEO/Founder of Saintiny Solutions
Our founder has a BS in Occupational Education with two majors; Management and Computer Science. She has been educating for over 20 years in many computer operations. She is the visionary of Saintiny Solutions and is dedicated to make your business grow.
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Mr. Roger Gonzalez

Website Consultant
WordPress Expert and SEO Specialist. Mr. Gonzalez is the rock to the affordable design portion of our business. He has a BS in Computer Science, he has been instructing and educating folks on the powerful uses of WordPress for over three years.
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Voice Over Talent

Many Voices
We have many voices of different types of individuals. We are able to complete voices for voice mail; cartoon characters; documentaries; audio-books; tween characters; different languages; male; female; young; older and many more… Contact us for quotes.

Saintiny Solutions

Thank-you for supporting another local San Antonio, TX small business. Your continued support is highly appreciated!

Many Voices for You

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